Nazzareno Zacconi - power trio
Nazzareno Zacconi was born in 1975 and began playing guitar at 9 studying jazz with Ramberto Ciammarughi and Fabio Zeppetella and classical guitar with Maestro Pietro Antinori until he started experimenting pop music with producer Massimo Varini. He has been collaborating with Ron Thal Bumblefoot (european tour 2013), Jennifer Batten (european tour 2013),TM Stevens (tour “Schocka Zooloo” 2012 ), Massimo Varini (Tour EKO MIA 2011-2012), Michele Pecora’s “Orchestra Mediterranea “ performing with many names of Italian and worldwide music (RON, Gatto Panceri, Riccardo Fogli, Ivana Spagna, Annalisa Minetti, Mietta, Lighea, Barbara Cola, Gypsy King family, etc….)

 He also played on many record productions with several artists and he released his first solo record “Rock/rock” in 2006, followed by “Il volto della terra” (2010), a classic guitar work with previously unreleased material, and “AKUSTIKO” (2012) released by Massimo Varini’s label Kymotto Music. Nazzareno Zacconi collaborates with EKO MUSIC GROUP as a collaborator for labels EKO, Marshall, VOX, Martin, Fishman, PRS, MXR, Dunlop. He is Framus endorser for guitars and amplificators.

Nazzareno Zacconi: kitara
Peter Smrdel: električni bas
Ziga Smrdel: bobni