Jani Moder band – Brain Blender


Jani Moder: električna kitara, akustična kitara
Marko Črnčec: rhodes, klavir
Robert Jukič: akustična bas kitara
Klemens Marktl: bobni, tolkala

Jani Moder is widely considered to be one of the foremost Slovenian jazz musicians. Having first completed his jazz and classical guitar studies at the Carinthian State Conservatorium (2002), he graduated summa cum laude from the Berklee College of Music. With contributions to over 40 albums, Moder’s “hands-on learning” is also highly commendable. Following his debut album, Momentum, its sequel Sky High Low Down (with a highly prominent Hammond organ), Moder has now released his third album, Abacus, which “blends and blenders diverse musical contexts into a unique whole”. Moder overwhelms with mellow but also harsh sound and variegated arrangements ranging from intimistic abstractions to all but groovy dance rhythms.