• Célia Marissal
  • Julien Deforges
  • Tom Rinaudo
  • Yann Lefer
  • Guillaume « Goog » Navailles
  • Alexandre Castera

Snawt first formed between three musicians Bayonne, Pop, Funk lovers and three Bordeaux Jazz musicians. They were influenced by Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Prince, Stevie Wonder and many other artists and started to compose their own music. The "sound" of Snawt is unique. It is a blend of Soul music, Jazz, Pop and Funk which gives a rise to many original songs.

Snawt on stage, it's a real show led with panache by the charismatic duo formed by singer and saxophonist. This duo is accompanied by electric keyboards or synthetic an "al dente" pianist who has invited herself from time to time on the front of the stage to sing in turn. This show may not be as strong without the delusional complicity of the bottom section / drums / guitar that holds the house swinging a devastating rhythm. For nearly an hour and thirty minutes of show, Snawt offers a journey into a paradoxical world where one crosses energy, emotions, dance, ballad, groove and trance.