Open Source Trio

  • Momchil Atanasoff (piano)
  • Rayleymon Janga (bass)
  • Juri Schewe (drums)
Open Source Trio are three young musicians from Bulgaria, Curacao and Germany. Momchil Atanasoff (piano), Rayleymon Janga (bass) and Juri Schewe (drums) come from different musical backgrounds and meet in the common ground of improvisation.

The bands compositions are influenced by jazz, classical, funk, latin, folklore, rock and electronic music. Pianist Momchil Atanasoff, who grew up in the vastness of the Bulgarian mountains draws inspiration from nature and its contrast to our modern civilization. Bassist Rayleymon Janga delivers emotional bass-lines without missing the groove and always with a touch of caribbean flavor. German drummer Juri Schewe, who grew up with rock music knows how to emphasize the message of a composition. His drumming varies from clear statements to complex textures.