Omit Five

Mattia Dalla Pozza - Alto sax
Filippo Vignato - Trombone
Joseph Circelli - Guitar
Rosa Brunello - Doublebass
Simone Sferruzza - Drums

Members Mattia Dalla Pozza on alto and soprano saxophone, Filippo Vignato on trombone, Joseph Circelli on guitar, Rosa Brunello on doublebass and Simone Sferruzza on drums. Since they come from both the north and the south of Italy, they have different musical, cultural and geographical backgrounds. Their repertoire is almost entirely based on wide-ranging original tunes, compositions where the group tries to combine writing and improvisation, linking the afro-american tradition of jazz with the european avantgarde through a contemporary sonority that tries to serve as a mirror of our age. The quintet, despite of its young age, already participated to different national contests, winning the first prize in “Barga Jazz Contest 2011” and in “Premio Nazionale delle Arti – Sezione Jazz 2011” led by Minister of Education, Universities and Research, while they gained the second prize in “Chicco Bettinardi Jazz Contest 2012”. The band, soon recognized as one of the most interesting and active young bands in the italian jazz scene, played in many italian festivals and clubs like Umbria Jazz 2012, JAM fest 2013, Torrione Jazz Club (Ferrara) , Milestone – Piacenza Jazz Club, Bergamo Jazz Club, Barga Jazz Club, Le Scimmie (Milan), Rovigo Jazz Club, Venezze Jazz Festival 2011, Fara Music Jazz Live 2011 and around europe in the Italian Cultural Institutes of of Paris, Amsterdam and Bruxelles, ‘Au Chat Noir’ of Paris, Porgy&Bess in Wien, bFlat and A-trane in Berlin, Frankfurt and Passau as well as in Slovenjia, Croatia and Serbija (Belgrado, Valjevo Jazz Festival 2013). The Omit Five in 2012 focus on their artistical proposal producing a bunch of original compositions merged in their first album entitled “OmitFive” released in october, 2012, by historical venetian jazz labelCaligola Records.
The new album, titles ‘SPEAK RANDOM’’ came out in April 2014, released by the english jazz label ‘Slam Records’. All the musicians involved, Mattia Dalla Pozza on alto sax, Filippo Vignato on trombone, Joseph Circelli on electric guitar, Rosa Brunello on double bass and Simone Sferruzza on drums compose for the group. Omit Five’s music therefore presents itself as a colorful kaleidoscope of timbres, melodies, armonies and improvisations, selected every time on the basis of each composer’s taste and sensitivity, but always referable to one original sound, underlining the deep work they did togheter as a band.
Research of balance between composition and improvisation, use of unconventional timbres, use of non-jazz languages merged with the postbop and free jazz tradition and employment of polyrhythms are the peculiarities of their music.