Ermanno Baron – drums, objects
Ginomaria Boschi – guitar, effects
Marco “uBiK” Bonini – laptop, tapes and theremin

Acre is an improvisation-based trio, working on forms, images and places of music and listening. The group’s sound is made up of some recognizable music influences, and focuses on the way these influences are dealt with, letting them “interfere”: the jazz matrix of the impro praxis, the real time elaboration of synthetic sounds, the timbre and sign research borrowed by educated western music.

Rooting in these ground coordinates, the group’s “free game” stays open to continuous new modulations and configurations. Among the group’s targets, the work on a unitarian sound dimension, able to melt and blend together the timbres of the different instruments (laptop, guitar, drums) in a new synthesis, making their single “voices” undistinguishable: the sounds’ source stays uncertain and doubtful when attempting to isolate it from the net it is knitted in.

ACRE at soWhat Studios