Blue Fingers


Martina Marmai - voice
Jani Skočir - guitar
Matteo Monai - bass
David Tomasetig - key
Luca Clinaz - drums

Blue Fingers ingredients:
- a handful of music
- a pinch of blues
- a voice that makes you tingle
- good vibes (to taste)
- Anja and a microphone (not included)
- Davide and keyboards (many of them)
- Jani, a guitar, some gain
- Luca (with sticks)
- Matteo (warning: bullshit at high frequency)
Preparation: just put everything on stage and enjoy the show!

Remember: mixing these ingredients may cause severe leg shaking, reckless movements, screaming, hand clapping, head banging and sudden elation. Blue Fingers is not responsible for any people putting their fingers in cold places (e.g. fridge) just to turn them blue.